Restoration Council

The activities of the Restoration Council include: 
  • Research opportunities to restore or increase wellness, prosperity, and community sovereignty in Vilcabamba.
  • Design projects to address restoration opportunities.
  • Solicit project proposals from businesses, organizations, and individuals who live in Vilcabamba to act on restoration opportunities.
  • Encourage local participation in restoration projects for project contractors, employment and volunteer participation.
  • Monitor restoration projects in other jurisdictions and replicate projects appropriate for Vilcabamba.
  • Review restoration project progress and success levels to improve future endeavors.
  • Educate and encourage private restoration initiatives in Vilcabamba.

 If you would like to join the Restoration Council, please submit this form. The Restoration Council Coordinator will contact you for an interview. Please note that you will first need to apply for public membership of the assembly and attend a briefing meeting.