Environment Committee

The activities of the Environment Committee are : 
  • Study the needs, possibilities and resources relating to the proper use and protection of our lands, rivers, and forests.
  • Develop and provide to schools and the public information and educational materials regarding nature restoration and preservation.
  • Develop objectives and goals to restore and protect the biodiversity and vitality of nature in the Vilcabamba region.
  • Inform and collaborate with other municipal agencies and committees to align goals and objectives for a more responsible approach to the cleanup and protection of our air, water, soil, and forests which are essential components to life on earth.
  • Monitor and intervene with companies, organizations, government offices, and individuals currently involved with negatively affecting biodiversity and vitality of nature to create and implement corrective measures.
  • Create proposals for change and improvements to protect our air, water, soil, and forests which align with the Resolution of One Accord
  • Design and implement projects to restore damaged ecological systems and enhance the purity, vitality, fertility and productivity of the environment in the Vilcabamba region.

 If you would like to join the Environment Committee, please submit this form. The Environment Committee Coordinator will contact you for an interview. Please note that you will first need to apply for public membership of the assembly and attend a briefing meeting.