Education Committee

The activities of the Education Committee are:
  • Set goals and objectives and formulate proposals for changes to the educational system in Vilcabamba.
  • Liaise with the Ministry of Education and local schools.
  • Review existing educational policies and curriculum and propose changes to the current content.
  • Incentivize the integration of the Resolution of One Accord into school policies and curriculum.
  • Develop and disseminate educational content that aligns with what is best for the people, the planet, and the individual human experience.
  • Formulate  and disseminate community action plans, educational materials, events and webinars to educate communities and parents on ways to incorporate community wellness, self sovereignty, natural law, evolution of consciousness, and reverence for nature.

If you would like to join the Education Committee, please submit this form. The Education Committee Coordinator will contact you for an interview. Please note that you will first need to apply for public membership of the assembly and attend a briefing meeting.